CARB Resources

The following documents have been developed by CPA to help companies understand the CARB rule and their obligations under the regulation.

New materials are added to this page as they are developed by CPA, so check back often to get the latest updates. If you have a specific question that is not addressed in these documents, please contact the CPA staff to get an answer.

"What the New CARB Rule Means for You" Quick Reference Guide (July 2009)

CARB Fabricator Fact Sheet (February 2012)

CPA Article on the Rule (August 2007)

CPA Press Release on the Adoption of the Rule (March 2008)

Customer Q&A Factsheet on the Rule (March 2008)

CPA Clarification of the Rule's Sell Through Provisions (May 2008)

CARB Fabricator FAQ (September 2008)

Distributor Obligations Under CARB (September 2008)

Fabricator Obligations Under CARB (September 2008)


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